Hawthorne II New Residents

Hello! The Hawthorne II Association and its Board welcomes you to our neighborhood.! Our website has lots of useful information to support the homeowners in our beautiful subdivision. We suggest you make good use of it.  As a new resident, below is a quick list of key information you may find helpful:

  • Annual dues are $375 for the calendar year with invoices mailed out around March 1 and due in 30 days.
  • The annual homeowners’ meeting is typically the second Wednesday in November and includes the election of members on the homeowners’ association board.
  • Information including the protective covenants, by-laws, and a list of the board members are listed on this page.
  • Curbside trash pick-up is early Monday mornings and recycling is every other Monday. Check the city’s recycle coach in the sidebar on the right and links to key Bloomington city services on the webpage of our site. These resources include any changes related to holidays. Remember, brush and leaves are picked up on opposite of recycle and do not put leaves and such in paper bags.  There are two key pick up times in May and October for large, bulk items.
  • Join the community on the Nextdoor.com site/mobile app to keep up on messages within Hawthorne II as well as other Bloomington neighborhood.
  • A weekend in early Fall is usually picked for an annual neighborhood garage sale.
  • The Board often coordinates a neighborhood work day each for small maintenance projects and for neighbors to interact.

Please check the website on a regular basis. We try to communicate electronically whenever possible to hold down costs and minimize the delay in getting information to you.  

To help maintain the Board’s roster of homeowners the H2A Secretary maintains a database of key information for the Board’s use only.  Please use the email form on the right to provide the Secretary with your closing date, full names, preferred email address(es), and mobile phone number(s) for texting. The information is not shared beyond the H2A board. 

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