Hawthorne II Covenants & By-Laws

Covenant Tips

The Covenants are designed to ensure that our community maintains its high standards of design and aesthetic appearance and, in turn, ensures the highest property evaluation for our investment.

Read the complete documents on this page for more detail. If in doubt, contact a Board member. Here are a just a few tips for current homeowners to keep in mind:

  • Maintain your lawn and overall yard appearance
  • Keep dogs from running loose outside of your property
  • Outdoor equipment should be screened from your neighbor
  • Garbage, Recycle, and brush bins should not be stored outside and visible
  • Fences, gazebos, and additions need board approval prior to construction
  • No above ground swimming pools, outbuildings, clotheslines or poles permitted
  • Campers, boats, RV and similar vehicles cannot be stored on your property except within enclosed garages

A copy of the newly revised By-Laws of the Hawthorne 2 Homeowners Association as of August 2020 may be viewed in PDF form.

Hawthorne II Covenants

The final word on Covenants for homeowners in Hawthorne II is the primary legal document. That document is available from the H2HA Board. New Amended Covenants Document as of June 2019  (in final registered form)

Affiliated Subdivision Covenants

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