Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes
September 15, 2022

Board Member Attendance
Don Read, Mark Clauss, Cherilyn Sytar, *Don Sutton, Jeff “CC” Biggs

Meet at Cherilyn’s House (7:30 pm) 118 Hawthorne Lake Dr and Zoom meeting Special Guest

Sheila Montney shared information from the city council and Bloomington Police Department about the opportunity for the HOA to purchase license plate reading camera(s) to increase public safety. The board expressed general interest to learn more details so Sheila will provide a contact name.

Capital Improvements

  • Refreshing landscaping on south side of the dam and at Inglewood entrance – complete. Jeff purchased low-voltage lights to replace at the dam area, just need to install them.
  • Joe Bierbaum will come out this fall when his schedule opens up to provide an estimate on replacing the damaged inlets on north side of lake.
  • The signs powder coating is complete and they are currently being reinstalled. Work will begin on the railings.


  • New construction in Acres – first needed action is Cooks’ need to sod their yard. Total 4 homeowners need to take some action to fully remediate the situation.
  • Basketball court issues at 2 Weaver – Don R will follow-up with the owners as the current configuration was not approved by the board and is disruptive to the neighbors.
  • Neighbor complaint on Lavender about being able to see the top of a pool slide – no action necessary. Water fountain issues – resolved
  • Expand our website to include all areas of HOA (Condos and Acres) – new website is available. Will continue to monitor for enhancements. A new source for potentially accepting online payments will be researched.
  • Geese Deterrent – results continue to be good using Goosinator periodically.
  • Dues Litigation update – liens have been filed for the 2022 dues.
  • Legal names on HOA parcels – email request was submitted Aug 23, following up for progress/resolution
  • The construction project related to the port-a-potty on Woodbine is nearing completion.

The annual meeting will be November 9th at Parke Hotel and online via Zoom at 630 pm


The new PO box is 521.

Review Budget and expenses – no unusual expenses this month. One of the CDs is renewing.

Next meeting is on October 12th

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