July 12, 2023

Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes

Board Member Attendance
Don Read Mark Clauss *Don Sutton, Jeff “CC” Biggs, Cherilyn Sytar, Toni Wudtke

Meet at Cherilyn’s House (6:30) 118 Hawthorne Lake Drive

Welcome to Toni as our new H2 HOA Board member!
Mark will ask Dave to update website to add Toni as board member and board email recipient

Capital Improvements

Reminder of our Focus areas for 2023:

  • Upgrade/Refresh landscaping – focus on waterfall area, Jeff will follow-up with Jeremy for estimate
  • Monitor Security camera options for our subdivision(s) - tabled
  • Paint light posts around the lake - Complete
  • Build an Operations Manual for the H2 HOA Board - Don R provided 1st draft 5/16
  • Assist Homeowners on the best ways to report bad behaviors of fellow neighbors

Priority of projects (per April meeting)

  • Property maintenance – pumps, fountains, lights, grounds, lake (moss)
  • Goosinator lock box – box is secure with lock and powercord. Cherilyn will create online sign-up sheet
  • Clean entrances (monuments) from overgrown bushes and trees, etc. – Complete
  • Spruce island on west end of Windsong – Jeremy estimated $1250, board approved and Jeff will notify Jeremy
  • Run new electrical wire to median entrance at Acres – pause until fall


  • Update on Legal activity, foreclosure, recent home purchases – one home foreclosure continuing forward
  • Moss issue at lake – looked better for several weeks, but now worse. Cherilyn will contact Bill H again.
  • Sink hole repaired – Jeff will ask Jeremy
  • Any landscaping, lighting, pump/fountain, property issues – irrigation currently working, but Cherilyn will meet with Curt F to learn more about settings and programming.
  • Any Homeowner issues / updates? - Toni will contact police about options to help with speeding on Stephanie/Woodbine


Financial monthly update

Next meeting is on August 9th

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