Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes 
May 18, 2022 

Board Member Attendance 

Don Read, Mark Clauss, Cherilyn Sytar, Don Sutton, Jeff “CC” Biggs 

Meet at Cherilyn’s House (6:30 pm) 118 Hawthorne Lake Dr 

Capital Improvements 

Refresh landscaping on south side of the dam and at Inglewood entrance will begin first week of June 

Upgrades needed from the dam assessment - will try to get estimate on repairing north inlet pipes 

Jeff will check on Heyworth powder coating for potential sign updates 


Don Read agreed to be the process owner/primary contact for any approvals sought from the board. 

Geese Deterrent – continues to be low number of geese on/around the lake. 

Neighborhood Work Day will not be planned for the Spring. 


Annual Dues Progress – down to two outstanding payments. 

Review Budget and expenses – little expense activity so far and nothing unexpected. 

Next meeting is on June 8th 

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