Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes 
March 9, 2022 

Board Member Attendance 

Don Read, Mark Clauss, Cherilyn Sytar, Don Sutton, Jeff “CC” Biggs 

Meet at Cherilyn’s House (6:30) 118 Hawthorne Lake Drive 

Capital Improvements 

As a reminder … here are our focus areas for 2022: 

Refreshed landscaping around the dam – will be included with estimates Cherilyn is getting 

Plan and initiate upgrades needed from the Dam Assessment (north inlet pipes) – Jeff will get bid from Joe B 

Landscaping (lake, berm, entrances) 

▪ Including trimming the trees around the monuments – Jeff will get bid from Joe B 

▪ Refresh landscaping around all entrances, including seasonal decorations – Cherilyn will get some plans/estimates that includes the landscaping south of the dam 

▪ Replacing trees with bushes (nicely landscaped areas) 

Painting the handrails, signage, and light posts – good ideas for a workday that is TBD and need task list developed 


Fence request for 12 Strawberry – proposal looks good and Don S will follow-up 

Geese Deterrent – reviewed information again on the Gooseinator and approved the purchase of one unit along with a decoy. Mark will contact Randy to order. Cherilyn will draft a communication seeking volunteers for the initial 3-week period. 


Annual Dues Progress – 97 payments received thru 3/9 

Review Budget and expenses 

  • • Started 2022 with about $27k carryover in checking 
  • • No taxes due for 2021 because of only $79.50 in interest 
  • • State Farm insurance policy increased to $2117 and is due March 24 
  • • Need to sign Marine Biochemists two-year contract; increased to $2844 for annual lake maintenance 
  • • Curt Feucht will continue servicing the irrigation systems and perform mosquito fogging around the lake 
  • • Jeremy’s prices will be up 10-15% in 2022 because of labor and material cost increases 
  • • Reviewed & adopted 2022 $90k budget with various cost increases reflected. 

Next meeting is on April 13th 

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