Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes 
July 20, 2022 

Board Member Attendance 

Don Read, Mark Clauss, Cherilyn Sytar, Don Sutto,n Jeff “CC” Biggs 

Zoom Meeting 6:30 pm 

Capital Improvements 

Landscaping on south side of the dam and at Inglewood entrance has been updated. Adequate watering has been an issue but Cherilyn has continued to oversee the watering. Jeff helped rig up a pump to help water the tree by the dam. 

Two additional trees need removed – Jeff will check with Embark Tree Removal. 

Jeff will check with Embark Tree Removal on an estimate for updating the signs around the lake. 


Mark did hear back from Bill Flick and John Feit about expanding the Hawthorne II website to include information on all of the associations. Will work with Dave on determining specific updates to make. 

Will also work with Dave on reviewing the details about trying to collect dues payments over the website next year. 

Geese Deterrent – continues to be low number of geese on/around the lake. 

Discussed resident concern about port a potty located along Woodbine 

Sodding – house on Longwood received sod and progress appears to be happening in Acres 

Discussed needing to have a single point of contact for all our vendors, Jeff will consider the role. 


Annual Dues Progress – Allen filed the two new liens for 2022. 

Review Budget and expenses – reviewed the monthly financial report with nothing noted out of the ordinary. 

Next meeting is on August 10th 

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