Hawthorne II HOA Annual Meeting Minutes November 17, 2021 

Don R - Welcome & thanks to everyone attending our second online annual meeting 

13 households attended meeting the 5% quorum requirement 

Board introductions 

Don R - We’d like to start by sharing significant accomplishments throughout 2021 

Impact of COVID (online meetings, service delays (pumps / lighting), increased lake activity, no garage sale, no work day) 

Replaced the sidewalk bridge at the lake and added a railing on the metal bridge that runs between H2 and Hawthorne Hills – total cost $7600 

Replaced the west fountain and added LED lights to all 3 lake fountains 

Landscaping (maintenance, removed dead trees & bushes) 

  • o $5200 on cleanup – ice storm and summer storm o $4250 on goose repellant sprayed on grass surrounding the lake 
  • o $1260 on mosquito treatments around the lake 
  • o $2600 annual lake treatments 
  • o $33k in additional landscaping/maintenance costs 

Made more attempts to control geese population around lake 

Managed HO requests (fencing, pools, additions, complaints (dogs, unkept properties)) 

Don R - During our Annual meeting the board proposes Capital Improvements. For 2022 we suggest: 

Refreshed landscaping around the dam. 

Plan and initiate upgrades needed from the Dam Assessment (north inlet pipes) 

Landscaping (lake, berm, entrances) 

Including trimming the trees around the monuments 

Refresh landscaping around all entrances, including seasonal decorations 

Replacing trees with bushes (nicely landscaped areas) 

Painting the handrails, signage, and light posts 

Other suggestions? 

Cover HOA Operations Hawthorne II HOA Annual Meeting Minutes November 17, 2021 

Mark - Annual Financial Report: 

Recap of annual dues (239 of 240 paid) of $89,625, operating expenses of $61,770, and capital improvements/extraordinary events of $11,782 resulting in net change of cash for 2021 thru November 17 of $16,230. 

Current checking balance of $34,122 plus CD’s totaling $20,639 for total cash of $54,761. 

Estimating $8k of remaining expenses resulting in checking balance carryover for 2022 of $26k 

2021 Treasurer's Report.pdf 

Don R - Two board members are up for re-election (Don R and Jeff) 

Members voted unanimously for both board members to serve another term on the board by voice vote indicating their approval (13 yea/0 nay) 

Don R - Special interest helpers? (examples: Len Mroz (flag), Dave Williams (website) 

Social events, Neighborhood watch 


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