Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes 
October 13, 2021 

Board Member Attendance 

Don Read, Mark Clauss, Cherilyn Sytar, *Don Sutton, Jeff “CC” Biggs 

Meet at Cherilyn’s House (6:30) 118 Hawthorne Lake Drive 

Capital Improvements 

Bridge project is complete 

Railing has been installed on the metal bridge 

All fountains are operating 

Entrance fall decorations – complete on Woodbine, need to ensure in future consider all entrances 

Landscaping (lake, berm, entrances) 

Positive feedback on fall updates to the entrance 

Grading and seeding? 

End of year clean- up and maintenance 

Tree / bush replacement (per available funds) 


Geese Deterrent – update, Dog barking - update 

Hole on south side of Lake’s apron – Joe fixed 

Misc. - GoDaddy update, Website update for email communications 

Home improvements – going well 

Annual Sidewalk repair needed this year – need to walk to see if any areas in addition to by the dam need attention 

Plan a neighborhood Work Day (Spring is looking best) 

Annual Meeting 

Set date for 11/17/2021 at 6:30. Meeting will be held via Zoom 

Review proposed agenda 


Review monthly financial report 

Next meeting is on November 10th and will be at Cherilyn’s house 

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