Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes 
May 12, 2021 

Board Member Attendance 

Don Read, Mark Clauss, *Tim Moore, Don Sutton, *Jeff “CC” Biggs 

Capital Improvements (per annual meeting) 

LED lights on fountains – fountains & new lights installed, west fountain back in shop for repairs 

Plan and initiate upgrades needed from the Dam Assessment 

Inlet Repairs – on pause 

Landscaping (lake, berm, entrances) 

Replacing trees with bushes (nicely landscaped areas)-Active 

Trees at entrance on Woodbine – no update 

Geese Deterrent – seems to be working well as very little goose activity around the lake 


Barking Dogs – residents continue to be unhappy with excessive dog barking 

Multiple letters to the owner and Police involvement still haven’t had much impact 

Reminder of limitations for parking of boats, trailers, etc. 

Hole on south side of Lake’s apron – having Joe Bierbaum repair it 

Many backyard improvements underway– how best to manage for neighbors 

Approved 2 Weaver Backyard pool and landscaping 

Approved Worthington Backyard pool, landscaping and fence 

Approved H Acres new home plan, will need to update Acres Covenants 

Bogus lawsuit – Allen submitted paperwork and got the HOA dismissed from the lawsuit 

Abandon car – appeared again on Woodbine and eventually was removed 

Schedule Pumps, fountains, and Irrigation system startup – checking on Acres irrigation startup 


Reviewed the monthly finance report; the 10-month CD renewed May 1 @ 0.15% 

Dues Progress – 3 members still unpaid after bills w/ late fees mailed at end of April 

Next meeting is on June 9th 

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