Hawthorne II Homeowners’ Association Meeting Minutes  
April 14, 2021 

Board Member Attendance
Don Read, Mark Clauss, Tim Moore, Don Sutton, Jeff CC Biggs 

Capital Improvements (per annual meeting) 

LED lights on fountains - update 

Plan and initiate upgrades needed from the Dam Assessment 

Inlet Repairs – on pause 

Landscaping (lake, berm, entrances) 

Replacing trees with bushes (nicely landscaped areas) 

Trees at entrance on Woodbine – update 

Geese Deterrent - seems to be working, remind Jeremy to avoid rain on next application 


Dead or damaged trees have been managed 

Goose wire on apron has been removed 

Overflowing trash barrels – resolved 

Barking Dogs – better? Police were involved on Longwood residence 

Approved 2 Weaver Backyard pool and landscaping 

Approved Weyrauch (Worthington) Backyard pool, landscaping and fence 

Approved H Acres new home plan 

Need to update Acres Covenants 

Bogus lawsuit – Will ask Allen to review and handle response 

Abandon car on 1905 Longwood – has been removed 

Resident memo to board complaining of fee increase – will route response by Allen 

Schedule Pumps, fountains, and Irrigation system startup 


Review Budget and expenses – monthly financial report reviewed 

Dues Progress – down to 10 members still unpaid 

Next meeting is on May 12th 

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