The Association Activities

Community Liaisons
  • Hawthorne Acres: Stan Watkins
  • Hawthorne Commons (Hawthorne Lake Drive) also know as HIILSPOA (Hawthorne II Lake Subdivision Owners Association): Bill Flick and Cherilyn Sytar
  • Hawthorne Commons (Inglewood Lane): John Feit
Annual H2HA Dues 
  • The H2HA board approved an increase in annual dues to $375 for 2021. Dues are due by March 15th each year. For those using online bill payment please ensure the mail address is updated to the latest address: 2 Raspberry Rd.
  •  Capital projects from 2007-2015 represented over 29% of the budget, but in the past five years the percentage has dropped to just over 12% as a result of increasing operating costs.
  • The Board's goal is to complete a reasonable number of capital projects without depleting our cash reserves in order to maintain the beauty and value of Hawthorne II as premier subdivision within the community.
Minutes and Annual Meetings

See Archives of H2HA minutes from 2007 to 2020 

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