Critical Bloomington City Links & Info

Useful information on city services!

Critical Phone Numbers

  • Police-Emergency 911
  • Fire-Emergency including Carbon Monoxide Alerts 911
  • Ambulance 911
  • General Fire Department Info call 309-434-2500 or directly to Public Info Officer 434-2627
  • Police TDD Users 434-2889
  • Police Dispatch Center 
  • Police Department Front Desk 434-2700
  • Bloomington Critical Phone Numbers printable sheet (PDF) 

Library Bookmobile

The Bloomington Library Bookmobile alternates every 3 weeks at these near by stops:

  • A Week: #10 Eagle Crest - Amber Lane at Hillsboro Drive, Wednesdays from 5:30 to 7:00 PM
  • B Week: #11 Eagle Crest East - Connie Kay Way at Edgehill Road, 
  • Saturdays from 12:00 -1:00 PM
  • C Week: #19 Golden Eagle - Golden Eagle Road at Broad Creek Road on Tuesdays from 5:30 to 6:45 PM  

Check the Bookmobile Schedule

 for more information. You can request books, video, and periodicals on their website and pick them up on the Bookmobile.

Trash Guidelines

  • Bloomington Recycle Coach to determine days for garage, recycle, brush, and bulk waste pick up.
  • To quote the Bloomington Solid Waste website "The only holiday that collection does not take place is Christmas Day.”  Also use the Bloomington Recycle Coach noted to the right for your neighborhood schedule.
  • Trash should be set by the curb after 2 PM on Sunday (no later than 6 AM Monday) and removed by 9 AM on Tuesday.
  • Recycle (paper and glass/plastic) and bulk/brush on alternate Mondays. 
  • Landscaping debris is picked up on alternate Monday’s on same schedule as recycle.  Put landscaping debris out by the curb the day before.
  • Bulk trash pickup (cabinets, refrigerators, furniture, etc.) . New May 1, 2018 schedule. Only 2 times a year, May 1st and October 1st.
  • AVOID putting landscaping debris and bulk trash out on the curb and having it set there for multiple days or an entire week!  This reflects on the overall look of the high-quality profile of our neighborhood. 


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