Board and Community Activities

Hawthorne II Association (H2HA) Events

  • Monthly Board Meetings
  • March 15th of every year: Association fees are due 
  • Fall (change from June) of each year the Neighborhood Garage Sale. 
  • Annual Meeting in November

Board Minutes

See Archives of H2HA minutes from 2007 to 2016 

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Garage Sale Group

Chairperson: Jeff C.C. Biggs

Notes:  Every year the H2A community organizes a neighborhood garage sale, the Board is looking for a new date  this year (2018) for the Sale, e.g., August or early fall.  Signs will be post several days prior to the sale as well as ads in the Pantagraph and ALFInews. Check with C.C. Biggs if you plan to participate or have questions. 

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